14K Gold Filled 8mm Round Smart Bead Stoppers For European Style Large Hole Bracelets (2 pcs)



  • Finally, a bead that helps you keep your bangle bracelet looking neat!
  • These 14K Gold Filled beads have a semi-flexible silicone lining. When you slide it onto a bangle that is approximately 2.5mm in diameter, the lining will grab on and stay in place.
  • Line up your European Style bead collection and use these stopper beads to hold everything in just the order you like.
  • Please keep the following in mind: These beads will ONLY fit onto a bangle that has a completely removable end. We have tested the sizes and these will fit both the flexi-bangle and the standard size European style bangles.
  • We have tested this bead on our European style chains and they will fit 3mm diameter chains with removable screw ends.
  • Measurements: 8mm in diameter. Inner hole is approximately 2.5 to 3mm, with some flexibility.
  • Quantity: 2 Beads
  • PLEASE NOTE: These beads are made to fit VERY tightly and stay in place on your bracelet. It may take some effort to first thread it onto the bangle, but once in place, it is easier to move into position.