Beadalon Very Fine Corkscrew Pearl Reamer Tool .6mm



  • Beadalon Very Fine Corkscrew Pearl Reamer
  • An easy way to make the holes of delicate pearls a bit larger.
  • When stringing on silk cord, the hole in a pearl should allow the thread to pass through twice.
  • This corkscrew reamer gives you ultimate control when enlarging a stringing hole.
  • Insert point into pearl, then slowly and gently begin twisting until the reamer comes out other end of pearl.
  • This is a “very fine” point, approximately .6mm in diameter.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This tool is EXTREMELY delicate. It can not be used on stones, only natural pearls.
  • Be sure to hold reamer straight while using. Twist slowly and apply only gentle pressure.
  • Rinsing the pearl while reaming will reduce dust.
  • Lightweight wooden handle and metal tip. 5 Inches long.
  • Use safety glasses when working with reamers.
  • 1 Pearl Reamer. Made in U.S.A.