Beadalon Wire “Satin Silver” 7 Strand .015 Inch / 30Ft



  • Beadalon stainless steel beading wire has a flexible Silver Color nylon coating that is sealed on. The coating is slightly matte with a “satin” finish.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Beadalon has recently changed their packaging and some labels are still “in transition”. The spool you receive may say “Silver Color” but it really is “Satin Silver”. Packaging may state “Silver Plated” but it does not have real Silver content.
  • This colored beading wire is made to show through, use for “floating” necklaces, or space beads along wire using gold crimps.
  • Stated size is Medium. .015 Inches in diameter (.38mm)
  • Spool contains 30 continuous feet (9.2 meters) of beading wire.