Bezel Pendant, Square 25mm Inner Area, Silver Plated (1 Piece)



  • Square shaped base for collage, Steampunk, cabochon, and resin dome projects.
  • Bright silver plated onto lead-free base metal.
  • Completely customize jewelry by using this base and embellishing with your own photos, words, and designs.
  • Layer images and small stones, charms, and glitter by using Diamond Glaze or Magic-Glos UV resin.
  • UV Resin can cure quickly in sunlight, or use a table-top UV lamp.
  • This pendant is a bezel setting, with a plain edge. It will allow for doming resin, giving a 3-D look to layered objects. Back is textured as seen in photo.
  • Measurements: Total length is 36mm long including loop, outer diameter 28mm. Inner work area measures 25mm (1 Inch). Approximately 2.3mm deep.
  • Hanging loop has an interior diameter of 4.3mm.
  • Quantity: 1 Pendant.