Contemporary Star Outline Punch For Stamping Metal 1/4 Inch 6mm (1 pcs)



  • Stamp any flat, soft metal.
  • Use this punch to personalize metal blanks (made from non-ferrous metals such as Sterling Silver, Copper, Vintaj Natural brass and more).
  • 6mm (1/4 Inch) height design.
  • Made of tempered steel for years of service.
  • Use with a metal bench block or anvil and a 16 ounce flat head hammer.
  • Hold your blank in place on a bench block using simple masking tape. The masking tape can also act as a guide to assure your design is in the right spot.
  • Measurements: Punch is 3″ in length. Design height for this piece is approximately 6mm (1/4 Inch).
  • Quantity: 1 stamp in one pattern.