Cord Ends, Crimp Beads with Loop 2×1.7mm, Sterling Silver (10 Pieces)



  • Regular cord ends not working for you? We’ve finally gotten in these delicate Sterling Silver ends for fine chain, wire, and cord.
  • Use these super handy little items to finish off cord up to 1mm thick. Perfect for Softflex and other beading wire and cords. Simply insert the trimmed end of the cord or chain into the crimp, and flatten with chain nose pliers, or crimp with a crimping tool. Ring is a flat extension of the crimp.
  • Crimp opening is very small at 1mm inner diameter, and features a closed seam.
  • Quantity: 10 (5 pairs.)
  • Measurements: 1.7mm wide, 2mm long not including ring. Ring is 3mm in outer diameter, 1.6mm hole. Total length is 6.2mm. Inner diameter of crimp is 1mm (Approximately .019 inches or 24 gauge).