Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads 4mm Round Jet Black Vitrail (50 pcs)



  • Fire Polished beads are glass beads that are faceted by machine. The edges and surface are then given a softer, polished look by placing the beads in hot ovens or over open flames. By virtue of this process, fire polished beads are all slightly different from each other; this adds to their charm. The heating polishing process gives them their soft glow and brilliance. Colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot, so it is best to buy sufficient beads for your project all at one time. Colors may appear darker and more intense in larger beads, and softer and more translucent in smaller beads.
  • In Czech Fire Polished beads, the shape called ’round’ is actually more of an oval.
  • Color: Jet black vitrail, an opaque black glass with half of each bead coated with a metallic vitrail finish. .
  • Measurements: 4mm long and 3.5mm wide.
  • Quantity: 50 beads, which is approximately 8 inches of beads when strung.