Earring Findings, Ear Threads 3 1/4 Inch Box Chain with Loop 14K Gold Filled, Pair



  • These beautiful bright Gold Filled earring threads are the hottest new style in earrings. Get creative – hang crystal drops, clusters of beads…did you know you can also slide a bead over the chain to hang *above* the ring? Cool.
  • Quantity: 1 pair.
  • Measurements: When straightened earring measures 3 1/4 inches long. Chain is .8mm wide. Ring is 2.7mm in diameter, and is open.
  • Quality: 14/20 Gold filled. This means that the outer 5% of the piece is 14K gold. This is thousands of times thicker than electroplate, which can be measured in mere microns. This is gold that will not rub off.