Murano Style Glass Lampwork European Style Large Hole Bead – Red With White Flower 14mm (1 pcs)



  • Hand blown Murano Style glass beads will fit right in with your bead style charms.
  • These large hole round beads are hand made with a lampwork technique. This bead features a red core with white and pink flowers, light green vines, and a clear glass exterior. Glittering gold accents.
  • The hole is lined with silver toned metal, grommet style. This protects the glass from any friction that occurs with wear.
  • Center is not threaded, it will simply slide on to your chain.
  • These beads are handmade, so while they are all very similar, they may not be exactly identical to the photo.
  • Quantity: 1 large hole glass bead.
  • Approximate Measurements: 14mm diameter, 10mm thick. Inner diameter of hole is approximately 4.7mm in diameter. Please check the measurement of the end your chain carefully to make sure the bead will fit!
  • Hand made in China.