Red Cinnabar Round Disc Focal Beads 13mm Good Luck Design (2 pcs)



  • A sweet, smaller sized Cinnabar bead, beautiful as a contrast to (for instance) black onyx beads in a necklace.
  • Beautiful Chinese carving of Good Luck symbol on both sides of beads.
  • Lightweight and perfect for earrings.
  • All modern Cinnabar is either a polymer resin coating on wood, or solid resin. Our Cinnabar is solid resin. Please see our notes at bottom of listing for the full story.
  • Measurements: thick round disc shape, 13mm diameter and approximately 9.5-10 mm thick
  • Drilled from top to bottom as shown in photo. Hole is approximately 1-2mm in diameter. No two beads exactly alike in color or size, but we do our best to match pairs. All measurements approximate, may vary by 1-2 millimeters.
  • Two Cinnabar 13mm Disc focal beads.
  • Cinnabar was developed in China and was originally composed of highly toxic Red Mercury Sulfide, used in lacquerware to give wood a red coating. True Cinnabar can no longer be made because it is extremely dangerous. In the modern jewelry industry, the toxic pigment is replaced by a resin-based polymer that approximates the appearance of pigmented lacquer. This is sometimes called “imitation” cinnabar, but it is actually the only cinnabar you will find on the market today.