Silver Filled Wire 20 Gauge Half Round Dead Soft 1 Oz (19 Ft)



  • Gleaming silver-filled wire. Extremely useful and cost-effective!
  • Half round wire is the wire you need to wire wrap pendants! One side of the wire is flat, the other side is round, as if a normal piece of round wire had been split down the middle. The flat side lays against the stone you are wrapping, and does not slip as easily as round wire would.
  • Quality: This wire is 1/10 Silver-filled, which means that the outer 10% of each item is .925 silver. The core of these items is brass. The silver is mechanically bonded to the brass. The result is much thicker than silver plating. This process make the wire much less expensive than solid sterling silver, and the difference in quality is impossible to see with the naked eye.
  • Unlike silver plate, which can wear off quite quickly, silver filled will keep its beauty through years of daily wear. Just use the same precautions you would with real silver jewelry – don’t expose to harsh chemicals, and when not in use, store in a dry, airtight bag or container.
  • Quantity: Each lot is approximately one ounce in weight, and approximately 19 feet long. May exceed this amount by up to one percent.
  • Measurement Conversions: 20 Gauge Wire = 0.0320 inches wide (0.812mm)