Slide Tube Clasps, Four Rings Strands 26mm, Antiqued Brass (2 Pieces)



  • Just tug on both ends at once, and this tube clasp will slide apart into two pieces.
  • Slides back together smoothly and locks snugly for a sleek and secure fastening.
  • Measurements: 26mm long, central tube is 4mm in diameter, end caps are 6mm in diameter. Each ring is 3mm in diameter, and soldered closed. The center of each ring is 5mm apart, which would allow you to put beads up to 4.5mm in diameter next to each other, right up to the clasp.
  • If your strands are going to be spreading apart, remember, you can attach more than one strand per ring!
  • Quantity: 2 complete clasps with 8 total rings.
  • This item is LEAD-FREE