The Beadsmith Bent Fine Point Tweezers For Bead And Pearl Knotting



  • Whether you learn to knot from an instruction book or take a knotting class (that’s what I did), you will be told the same thing – you must have a pair of knotting tweezers. How are they different from other tweezers, you ask? Well, they come to a very fine point, so that they may be slid out of an already-tightening knot once it has been maneuvered into place.
  • The bent or angled tip is preferred by some because it offers a bit more flexibility in how you hold your fingers while knotting.
  • Use them with our Griffin silk cord.
  • Quantity: 1 tweezers , measures nearly 6.5 inches in length
  • These tweezers are so finely pointed that they are as sharp as pins on the ends. Therefore, please use discretion when allowing younger people to use them.
  • We recommend wearing eye protection when using any tools.