The Beadsmith Digital Caliper – Measures Inner/Outer Diameters In Inches/Millimeters



  • This digital caliper can measure both outer and inner diameters of beads in inches or millimeters. It also features a large LCD display and an automatic shut-off feature to save power!
  • Measures up to 4″/100mm with an accuracy of � 0.2mm/.0078″
  • Minimum scale to read is .01″/0.1mm
  • Made of extra-strong carbon fiber composites
  • Battery Powered (One SR44, 1.55V included). To change the battery, slide the display panel unit to the bottom of the caliper handle. Slide the battery cover (located to the right of the display panel) down in the direction that the ridged triangle points.
  • Quantity: 1 Digital Caliper