TierraCast Rhodium Plated Lead-Free Pewter Classic Pandora Bead Aligners 7mm (4 Pieces)



  • Silver toned Rhodium plated over lead-free TierraCast pewter.
  • Open up the possibilities of incorporating Pandora beads in strung beading projects.
  • Have you ever tried to string a small spacer bead next to a larger hole bead? Not only do you run the risk of the smaller bead disappearing into the larger one, but the stringing material tends to move around inside the large hole, causing crooked beads and unnecessary friction.
  • The answer is here! Bead Aligners live up to their name, aligning large hole and small hole beads with precision and neatness.
  • Bead aligners have a short, narrow tube that will fit inside the larger hole bead. It then flares out into a classic spacer, ready to nestle against a smaller bead AND act as a guide for your stringing material.
  • Tighten up your designs, prevent disappearing beads, protect your stringing materials from wear.
  • Please note all measurements, to make sure these will fit the beads you are working with.
  • Approximate Measurements : 7mm Outer Diameter. When used with beads with larger holes, visible thickness is 1.7mm. Fits holes up to 4mm.
  • Quantity: 4 Beads
  • TierraCast Pewter is made in the USA, using Lead Free Pewter that exceeds both the CPSC standard and the new California law regulating children’s jewelry content.