Wire Twisting Pliers For Wire Wrapping And Metal Work 10.5 Inch



  • An essential tool for wire wrappers. Safely and rapidly twists wire up to 18 gauge.
  • Simple one pull action and automatic return twists wire quickly into a strand that won’t unravel.
  • Pliers feature a built in wire cutter.
  • To use:
    1. Loop the wire around a secured hook, screw, or clamp.
    2. Clamp the ends of the wire with the pliers. Grip the pliers firmly as you slide the center locking mechanism in to place, towards yourself.
    3. Hold the pliers at a distance so that the secured wire is taut. This will help prevent kinks in the twisting process.
    4. Grasp the twist knob on the wire twister, release the pliers, and then pull the twist knob. As the pliers spin, the wire will twist. Let the twist knob retract. Repeat process until you achieve the desired number of twists.
    5. To remove the newly twisted wire, clasp the pliers firmly and slide up the center locking mechanism.
  • Tip: If you measure your wire carefully and keep a record of the number of pulls, you can achieve consistent results.
  • Measurements: 10 1/2 inch total length, from bottom of spin knob to tip of pliers.